A New Theory on Robert E. Howard’s Conrad and Kirowan Tales

Great blog post from Tim Prasil

The Merry Ghost Hunter

Unearthing the UnearthlyAmong the selections in Giving Up the Ghosts: Short-Lived Occult Detective Series by Six Renowned Authors, I present Algernon Blackwood’s four Jim Shorthouse stories in what I assume is a brand new order. I had hoped to give this otherwise disjointed series character a bit more cohesion by showing that he develops in both facing fear and being an occult detective if the stores are arranged in a particular order.

Robert E. Howard’s Conrad and Kirowan tales present a far tougher challenge, but I’ve come up with a theory. A tentative theory. A theory I hope to revise with feedback from those interested enough to bother reading through it. I know it might seem to be a futile project. After all, if Howard had wanted this handful of stories to be read in a particular order, he would’ve have made his intentions much clearer. So maybe I’m being OCD here…

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