et revertatur ad nos #LOST


I started blogging about LOST during its third season on my old myspace page. Those posts developed something of a following, I guess. By the time the final season rolled around I had deleted myself from myspace and set up shop here on I was averaging 60,000 unique visitors a month during that stretch…

LOST was a phenomenon. We’d not seen the like of it before nor have we since. I’m not talking numbers, I’m talking fan obsession.

I was somewhat rabid myself. I devoted a lot of time thinking about it, trying to figure it all out, to divine the hidden meanings behind all the little easter eggs Cruse, Lindelof, and company littered around the island.

It was fun.

And now, I’m watching it again. This will be the second time I’ve done so since the finale aired six years ago.

So far, my wife Kim, son Connor, and I have sat through the two part Pilot and Tabula Rasa, with Walkabout on the schedule for this evening.

I remember being hooked from the beginning, some 12 odd years ago, but I’m trying to think of the moment I went from being hooked to being somewhat obsessed.

It just might have been Walkabout and John Locke in particular. He was so intriguing. He seemed so important to the story, that it was ultimately his tale. I think it’s because I saw a bit of myself in John. Oh, I was never the Sad Sack that Locke was, but deep down, I’ve always been looking for something, felt like I was destined for something more… I was a Man of Faith.


That LOST didn’t play out quite the way I thought it would, I have come to terms with.

A lot of people are upset about the way things ended for John, trying to take his own life, only to have that thwarted at the last minute so that he could be murdered just as hope was rekindled.

But I see it differently. Jack Shephard could never have defeated the Man in Black without the influence John Locke had on him. Locke was as much the hero at the end of the story as Jack was. He gave the Man of Science something to believe in…

And that’s the same gift he gave to me.

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