My Review of The Big Book of Practical Spells by Judika Illes

First things first, I simply love the design of Judika Illes’ latest release, The Big Book of Practical Spells: Everyday Magic That Works.


Its cover, in line with many of her other works such as Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells and Encyclopedia of Spirits, is evocative and reassuring. It has an ‘old world’ charm and makes you want to open the book and have a look inside.

Trust me, as an author, I understand how important that is.

Admittedly, I’m not as keen on the cover font choices, but it’s no deterrent either.

As to the interior, I appreciate the non-gloss paper. No glare here, and for a book like this, that’s an important feature.

I like the layout, the dingbats, and offset addendums. Very classy. I think the print itself could have been a little darker, but that could just be my aging eyes. This old wizard’s not getting any younger.

As to content, I appreciated the author’s reminiscence via the book’s preface and introduction. It was both warm and inviting. In those brief moments, the author really connects with the reader and that’s a rare gift.

The meat of The Big Book of Practical Spells is as advertised. There is a lot packed in here, let me tell you. The primer material is solid and a great introduction to the magical world for the novice and the actual spellwork throughout is commendable.

Simply put, this is a great book for beginners and there’s plenty else to catch the eye of those who have been around the magical block a time or two.

Judika Illes’ has delivered a thoughtful and comprehensive treatise of the magical arts and I can’t imagine a collection of esoterica that would not be enhanced by its inclusion.

I encourage you to judge the work for yourself. Copies are readily available in a bookstore near you, online via Amazon and other web-oriented institutions, or, better yet, direct from the publisher.

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