Old and Blessed

A solid weekend. I managed to get quite a bit of writing accomplished and squeezed in a mammoth load of yard work. My wife was keen on having our salix caprea trimmed, so we climbed inside it, cutting out the dead, and my the thing popped after.

In addition to First Born, I’ve been noodling on a collaboration I’m keen on tackling with my son, as well as a few other projects I want to get off the ground.

I’ve really been mired the last few years and it feels really good to get the creative juices flowing again. I feel that old hunger returning (not that it ever really left).


Life’s never been a problem for me, but work sure gets in the way of writing, especially when you’re working seven days a week, which I’ve done solid since August of 2011.

But I think I’m finally at a place where the writing can become a more prominent feature in my life again… and that pleases me to no end.

I am also pleased to have accepted a place in the Converse Historical Society. I’ve established a web presence for them and we’re working toward collecting memorabilia and historical relics to display in a museum in the near future (I hope).

Tomorrow, my son graduates sixth grade.

I feel both old and blessed.


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