Walking Under Ladders

Ah, Friday the 13th, how I love you so. It’s my second favorite holiday… a day full of black cats, inverted horseshoes, and ladders just begging to be walked under.

firstbornI am still plugging slowly away at First Born, my next release from Seventh Star Press. What I thought was going to be a week of edits and tweaks has turned into three weeks of laborious editing and rewrites…

Writers write? Yes, indeed, but they also sweat over words already writ and I’m doing my fair share over this collection of occult detective tales.

A prequel of sorts to Descendant, a Wolfe & Crowe Investigation novel, First Born will be many people’s introduction to Landon Connors and the precarious arcane worlds he navigates so I really need it to sing. Yes, it may be in a foreign, diabolic tongue, but the melody has to float on ether and get your devil tail a’tappin’.

A couple of much needed D&D sessions will interrupt progress this weekend, but there’s no rush. Not really. We’re months away from All Hallow’s Eve. More than enough time for the spell to be properly cast…


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