Your story is one of tallow & wick


One of the hardest things to manage, for those of us cursed with the desire to lace a succession of words together into coherent tales for consumption, is momentum.

When I’m really writing, meaning when I am in the story, consumed by it, it feels like the whole of the universe is behind me, pushing me forward. The words come so fast I can scarcely keep up with them…

But when that momentum is interrupted, then it all grinds to a halt and the words fight back, the universe is disinterested, and the tale becomes a grueling slog through a grim quagmire of self-doubt and lassitude.

I wish I weren’t so affected, but inertia is a cruel taskmaster.

Real world commitments are not a writer’s friend, so what does one do to overcome this?

Why, magick of course.

One of the more important lessons learned from the esoteric arts is just how mutable the mind is, how altered states of consciousness can mold and shape our creative process…

I establish magickal cues that draw my mind from the mundane world to the fantasies I create, utilizing color, aroma, lighting, and music to invoke and evoke a mood.

In those moments, the world outside drifts away and you take the reins of your imagination, recapturing the essence of the work, conjuring the propulsive force and harnessing its energies, reentering the worlds you’ve created with the requisite fires lit.

Your story is one of tallow and wick. Your imagination is the flame.

The candle’s in the cupboard and there’s matches on the mantle. Set it to light, take a deep breath, and let the magick happen.


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