Ramble On

cairnwood series

Thursday is upon us, a momentary lull in my Virtual Blog Tour, as my publisher likes to call it.

On Monday, we saw a book review drop on Shell’s Interviews and Beauty In Ruins was kind enough to host a short essay I wrote on my affection for Gothic Romances.

Tuesday found me interviewed by Sheila’s Guests & Reviews and on Wednesday I tackled questions from MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape.

That leaves two Friday guest blogs, one hosted by Josh Reynold’s Hunting Monsters (a little something on writing for you), and the other (on vampires) will appear on Sapphyria’s Book reviews.

On Saturday I swing by I Smell Sheep for a pretty killer Top Ten.

And the tour comes to a close on Mother’s Day with an interview conducted by the Deal Sharing Aunt and a book review from SwillBlog.

It’s been an odd week for me. I’ve managed to get some editing done on First Born (coming this Fall? from Seventh Star Press), squeezed in a little cartography, and gingerly took up the longsword again (I’m still healing from knee and stomach issues). I even tackled some real-life issues to varying degrees of success…

It feels like I’m on the cusp of something, for good or ill I cannot say… but the cards and runes are not the most cheerful lot.


It is what it is…


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