Beltane Blues (Revisited)

Well again, Sleuths, and a Blessed Beltane to you all.

The Bob Freeman Virtual Tour begins tomorrow with a Keepers of the Dead review at Shell’s and a guest blog at Beauty In Ruin. I’ll post the appropriate links when I get them.

I have a couple of guest blogs to wrap up today for later in the week, some longsword practice with my favorite student, and some Beltane festivities on the books.

firstbornI’m hoping to put First Born to bed this week (despite my hectic schedule) and get it sent off to my editor at Seventh Star, Scott Sandridge. Then we’ll have Descendant, Born Again, and After Birth in the cue.

Exciting stuff.

I also hope to get further along in my occult detective/sword & sorcery novel, but time will tell…

Beltane is a time of renewal and it is sorely needed around here. I feel the fire rekindled, the old ways seeping back in to my weary bones, and, for the first time in a long time, I am drawn once more into the fray, joyfully, I dare say.

So on to it, I charge, my fine feathered fiends, for the spirits beckon and there are words that beg to be writ. Be well and true, and may the gods bless you all of your days.

Bob Freeman
In Diana
01 May 2016


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