My review of Lost Powers, edited by J. Douglas Kenyon

I have admittedly not always been the biggest fan of Atlantis Rising’s series of books collecting articles from their magazine. There was a time, when I wore a much younger man’s shoes, that fringe science, new age spirituality, alien archaeology, and all the other things caught under the kookie conspiracy and tin-foil hat umbrella were ever-present in my, again admittedly, drug-addled cranium.

Then I sort of grew away from all that. I became more centered. I became more conservative. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still was enmeshed in outlandish, arcane theories and magical exploration, but I had become more selective about which rabbit holes I was willing to tumble down.

The open-mindedness that I had cultivated, I’m sorry to say, began to close. My interests narrowed and my capacity for acknowledging the value in the mental gymnastics of the far flung eccentricists waned.

Red Wheel/Weiser helped change that by continuing to share review copies of Atlantis Rising’s series. I might also add that Gordon White has been somewhat instrumental in that regard as well, but I digress.

lostpowersThe latest Atlantis Rising sampling, as always edited by J. Douglas Kenyon, is Lost Powers: Reclaiming Our Inner Connection and I dare say it has been the best of the lot. Certainly the most entertaining.

With chapters devoted to Restoring the Body, Beyond the Senses, Super Powers, Life After Death, and my personal favorite part of the lot — Meta-Dimensions, Lost Powers is an exceptional and thrilling glimpse into the search to reestablish our innate ability to tap into the universal fountain of understanding.

As with any collection such as this, some articles are stronger than others, but overall Kenyon has done his readers a service, particularly by returning to the well of John Chambers whose articles were both informative and fun.

You can’t go wrong with this collection. It is thorough and evocative throughout and certainly mind-expanding, and that is never a bad thing.

Lost Powers: Reclaiming Our Inner Connection, edited by J. Douglas Kenyon is available wherever books are sold including Red Wheel/Weiser and Amazon.


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