My review of The Witches’ Almanac Coloring Book

Yes, adult coloring books is definitely a thing and it was just a matter of time before esoteric book publishers got in on the game.

Enter Witches’ Almanac.


Witches’ Almanac has a rich history, publishing what has always been a favorite of mine. Well crafted, packed with interesting tidbits of occult lore, and lavishly illustrated —often with delightfully antiquated woodcuts —, Witches’ Almanac delivering a coloring book seems like a win/win on every level.

Overall, it does not disappoint.

At 112 pages, there is a great sampling of art divided into Woodcuts, Constellations, The Planets, Creatures, Egyptian, Americas, and Tarot.

At 8.5×11, the pages are big enough, but the paper is a little too slick, in my opinion. You want something more akin to newsprint so your colored pencil doesn’t slide off the page.

Also, some of the art is poorly reproduced, either being too muddy and stepped on or slightly out of focus because they blew the pictures up from small sources and lacked a graphic designer’s understanding of dpi.

Still, at $12, it’s cheap enough and fun enough that most can overlook the negatives.

And therein lies the heart of it, it’s a fun book to lose yourself in, recapturing a bit of youth and allowing your inner artist free rein…

The Witches’ Almanac Coloring Book is available wherever books are sold. Here’s a link to it on amazon, if it tickles your fancy.


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