Landon Connors: Leap of Faith, Part 2

leap of faith


Few people realized it, but rural Indiana was full of magic of the most dangerous sort. It was the kind of place on ancient maps that would have been marked with a “Here Be Dragons” warning.

Michelle Hawkes knew this better than anyone.

She was a Hoosier, born and bred. She knew all its monsters, some of them intimately.

She’d been driving for days to get back to the place where she’d been spawned, across the back roads and past long forgotten places only barely recalled by the locals themselves.

She beat a path through the Mississinewa Forest, cruising along the river, out past the ruins of Old Cairnwood and New Somerset, the long, dark shadows of fading winter a grim reminder of the secrets these places held.

Over the Wabash and into the small city that shared its name, she lingered by the derelict building on West Market where a demon once hung his shingle.

But her destination was still two blocks further north.

She left her Dodge Journey in front of that devil’s old haunt, its boarded up windows doing their best to hide the soul of the place. But she still felt his presence, even if he was soul caged some 1600 miles away.

Walking along Cass, Michelle Hawkes parked herself on the corner of West Hill. She had stood in the shadow of the Carnegie Public Library, her eyes intent on the Second Empire across the street, for over an hour before she mustered up the courage to approach it.

Her heels clocked against the cracked and uneven sidewalk, up the short steps, and onto the porch of 208 West Hill Street, home of Occult Detective, Dr. Landon Connors.

In many ways, Connors was more devilish than his mentor had been, despite a human soul residing within his prison of flesh.

Landon Connors always meant well, but the road to hell was paved with good intentions.

A pretty young thing greeted her at the door, of course, and led her, eventually, to the detective’s library where he waited patiently. He was loaded. He was always loaded, pupils dilated and seeing more than mere humans were meant to see.

He asked, “What fresh hell has caused you to darken my door?”

And the truth rolled off Michelle Hawkes’ tongue and the adventure began.

to be continued


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