My thoughts on the #XFiles


“It’s fear-mongering, claptrap, isolationist, techno-paranoia so bogus and dangerous and stupid that it borders on treason. Saying these things would be incredibly irresponsible.” — Dana Scully

By now you’ve read plenty of mostly tepid if not out-and-out negative reviews of the premiere for Fox’s 6 episode revival of The X-Files.

I’m here to tell you they are all wrong.

I can only assume that these reviewers have been spending the better part of the twenty-first century with blinders on.

Last night’s debut quickly shook the rust off and got down to doing what the X-Files has always done best — dialing up the crazy, sniffing the paranoia glue, and dancing so close to the truth that you can’t help but look over your shoulder from your seat on the couch.

The truth is out there and just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

Duchovny and Anderson eased seamlessly back into Mulder and Scully’s skins and Joel McHale did a pretty good Alex Jones impersonation, albeit a smoother more polished version.

The weak link was the young actress who portrayed Sveta. A lot depended on her performance and I’m not sure she delivered.

Say what you will, but this is exactly what I wanted from an X-Files relaunch. It struck all the right chords and it felt very much like coming home…

I am very much looking forward to seeing what else Chris Carter and Co. have in store for us.


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