Hic Vigilans Somniat

sleight of hand

“Indubitably, Magick is one of the subtlest and
most difficult of the sciences and arts. There is
more opportunity for errors of comprehension,
judgement and practice than in any other branch
of physics.” — Aleister Crowley


I’ve been having a rough morning. I can’t quite put my finger on why exactly, but for whatever reason, I’m feeling rather emotional.

I’ve been out of sorts for a while now, when I shouldn’t be for the most part. My home-life couldn’t be more perfect (save for a cash infusion, but then, yeah, when is more bread ever unneeded or undesirable?), I have a wealth of good friends and colleagues, and my job, while consuming, is not overly stressful.

I’ve been in a creative funk, to be sure, but when the words do come they’re as good as any I’ve ever put down, and as I’ve been gaming more, that itch is being scratched.

No, this is more spiritual.

I feel it tugging at me, this indefinable thing. There is a void within that used to be filled and I would see that cavity surfeit once more.

There was a time when my thirst for knowledge was paramount, when I took to what MacGregor Mathers called ‘the science of the control of the secret forces of nature‘ as more than a passing fancy or hobby. It was my raison d’être.

I have been weighted by a metaphysical disconnect, but slowly, over the past several months, unseen forces have conspired to draw me back into the fold. I have been experiencing a resuscitation of my esoteric proclivities because, quite frankly, something is in the air.

The Hermetic Axiom, “That which is below is like unto that which is above, and that which is above is like unto that which is below…“, resonates.

And as my son is fond of repeating, “there is a disturbance in The Force“.

Egyptologist Christan Jacq defined magic as the essential energy that permeates the universe of both gods and men, further stating that both matter and spirit are woven of this energy and there is a common thread that links all things in cosmic union.

I feel the rekindling of this sacred fire.

I touched upon a bit of that magick last night, in the windswept wilds of my imagination, where art and science merged in reciprocity. I called out to the quarters to remember and the moment was blessed by nature’s entreat.

I answered its call, not with words, but with deeds… and a promise: the sleeper will awaken.


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