The Force is Awakening


Needless to say, the Freeman house is abuzz with talk of Star Wars. We’ve marathoned the six previous films in Flashback Order (IV-V-I-II-III-VI). We’ve played the hell out of Battlefront. We’ve watched all the Force Awakens trailers a bazillion times. And yes, we’ve debated just what the heck is going to happen in Abrams and Kasdan’s take on the Star Wars Universe.

The biggest questions revolve around Rey and Kylo Ren. I suspect we’ll learn that they are twins (or siblings at any rate) and they are the offspring of Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Kylo succumbs to the Dark Side, driving Luke into exile where he lives like a hermit, and forcing Han and Leia to send Rey away to protect her from her brother.

Who knows, maybe Luke is looking over her like Obi Wan watched over him?

I have a sneaky suspicion that Kylo, obsessed with his grandfather, Darth Vader, wants nothing more than to kill his uncle and be reunited with Rey so they can rule the galaxy together as brother and sister. Wonder Twin Powers — Activate!

The rest will just be shoot-’em-up space opera goodness.

A lot of people are speculating over who lives and who dies in this one. I’m fairly certain it will be one of the original cast. Not Luke or Leia. I think the Star Wars Universe is still driven by the Skywalkers. That leaves Han or Chewie, or one of the droids I guess.

I can see Abrams pulling a Wrath of Khan here, with Han dying to save Chewie or vice versa.

We’ll see…

As for the when of it, we’re not going till next week, maybe on Tuesday, which means I’ll be dodging a whole lot of spoilers over the weekend.


Wish me luck.

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