The Swinging Gate


What a roller coaster of a weekend:

  • Jack Austin passed away — Happy Jack was a character and there simply aren’t enough characters in the world. He was the father of one of my childhood chums and my neighbor for a boatload of years. He will most certainly be missed.
  • Soledad Medrano took her own life — Depression is a terrible thing. I can’t say that I knew Soledad well. We were ‘facebook friends’, but we connected on a few occasions and I liked her. She was a talented author and her significant other, Ed Kurtz, is a good egg and my heart breaks for him. Moral of the story: if you suffer from depression, ask for help… there are people in your life who care.
  • I collected my buddy’s ashes from his parents — Brent’s mom asked if I’d like some of his cremains to inter out at one of our old reservoir haunts. I readily agreed and once I can gather the old gang together, we’ll make a spectacle of it. Of course, there’s more to the story, I just haven’t decided if I’m gong to share it.
  • I took in some Twin Peaks-inspired Scooby Doo — Have you watched Mystery Incorporated? Kim, Conn, and I added this to our Hallowe’en Marathon queue and I sure as hell wasn’t expecting a visit from Michael j. Anderson’s Man from Another Place and the Black Lodge’s Red Room.
  • I learned secrets about my hometown that I’d rather not know (but am sort of glad I do) — Nope. Sorry. This one goes to the grave with me.
  • I had a close encounter with the undead — Not such a rare thing for me, but when you’re not expecting it, it can still deliver a bit of a start. Essentially, I was in a known haunted location (confidentially speaking) and I heard a noise in the bathroom as if it were occupied. The door opened, but no one was there. Following up,I then heard someone (or something) in another bathroom a few feet away. Again, no one was there. And then there was a rap-tap-tapping on the ceiling overhead. Fun stuff and well worth the price of admission.
  • I watched Ghostbusters from the comfort of my leather couch — Another Hallowe’en treat for the Freeman family this October. It had been a while since I last saw Ghostbusters. They don’t come much funnier than that. Bill Murray is a treasure.
  • I finished the first round of edits on my son’s novel — Yeah, Connor wrote Jonny Spencer and the Black Lich of Ashrock Earth when he was eleven and I just finished line edits on it. We’ve some artwork to suss out and scan, but we should be self-pubbing it in time for Hallowe’en, if the gods are willing and the creek don’t rise.
  • Connor’s become a cartographer — Speaking of Conn, while I was hard at work editing his opus, he was utilizing my Photoshop tutorial to begin an RPG Campaign World project. That kids got some mad creative skills. he makes a father proud.
  • I reread A Dark Matter by Peter Straub — I earmarked this one for my Hallowe’en Read. It was better than I remembered and I held it in high esteem already. Straub has a lyrical quality to his writing that elevates every scene and I must admit, the subject matter of this one speaks to me in a peculier way because, in truth, it strikes awfully close to home.
  • The Indianapolis Colts — The Swinging Gate? from the 37? Really?



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