The Books Are Not What They Seem #AllHallowsRead2015


It’s been an odd October already and we’ve just rolled past the median. Each season I look for something to define it. Some years have been about the prose I’ve written, others have been weighed by their esoteric nature, or some pop cultural experience, by family, friends, by the living and the dead… by Hallowe’en festivities, both traditional and aberrant.

I’ve yet to get a handle on 2015, and that’s okay.

We’re fifteen days away from the sacred night…

Hallowe’en is all about the masquerade. When the masks come off we’ll know the truth of it.

So, while we’ve yet to define this Samhain Season for ourselves, how do we define it for each other?

For me, it all falls back on All Hallow’s Read.

“I propose that, on Hallowe’en or during the week of Hallowe’en,
we give each other scary books… Who’s with me?” — Neil Gaiman

Conceived of by Neil Gaiman in 2010, All Hallow’s Read really is the perfect way to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve. At the heart of it, Hallowe’en has always been about the stories… be they told around a campfire or read from an overstuffed chair. Poe. Lovecraft. Howard. Machen. Blackwood… and so many more.

It’s become a tradition very important to me and I hope you embrace it too.

Here’s my Twin Peaks/Lovecraftian mash-up poster for this year’s event:


Happy Hallowe’en

(full sized image available upon request)

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