Midwinter of the Spirit’s Finale


motsWell, I finally got round to watching the finale to ITV’s adaptation of Midwinter of the Spirit and what a finale it was what with its take on a satanic cult’s devilish plot to desecrate a hallowed cathedral… its aim to create a spiritual ruin to corrode the faith of the people.


Equal parts Exorcist-styled horror story and mystery yarn, with a dash of Dennis Wheatley for good measure, in many ways it put me in mind of a English version of True Detective’s first season, although it ultimately fell short of that tour de force. But still, it was quite good, mainly because Midwinter had plenty of heart.

For all its Exorcist-like elements, there was a story here that dealt with grief and loss, about a mother’s pain and a parent and child’s relationship in the wake of an uncomfortable mourning.

Anna Maxwell Martin is to be commended for playing such a wounded but courageous character. Her abject terror in the face of evil during that spectacular twist at the end — “…Christianity has run its course…” — was well done.

This was a good watch, perfect for this time of year (though a bit closer to All Hallow’s Eve might have made more sense). I hear that it didn’t fair too well in the ratings, which is a shame. I would really like to see more of Vicar Merrily Watkins, Reverend Huw Owens, and their ‘Deliverance Ministery’.

I’ve a feeling the Devil’s not done playing with them quite yet.

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