Gothic Romance


I have a confession to make. I love a good Gothic Romance, especially the covers. I admitted to this to Charles Rutledge this morning on Facebook and thought I should come clean…

It really should come as no surprise, especially if you’ve read my Shadows Over Somerset.

It seems these days, people have a misconception about Gothic Romances. A well written Gothic, by the likes of Mary Stewart, Victoria Holt, Virginia Coffman, or any number of authors, were, at their heart, mysteries, steeped heavily in the supernatural and horror, and set against the backdrop of medieval ruins, haunted castles, or dark, foreboding mansions.

I read my fair share of them when I was in grade school, drawn in by the fantastical cover art, usually some beautiful damsel in distress, fleeing an ominous and isolated manor house, surrounded by fog and malevolent trees. Gothic Romances were all about atmosphere and what better time to delve into such than now, what with the Witching Season upon us.



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