Happy October


Here at last… October.

How do I plan to celebrate the month?

This weekend I’ll be hosting a ‘ghost hunt’ on Saturday and then traveling with Kim and Conn to Fishers on Sunday for their 11th Annual Renaissance Faire to watch the Knights of Valour Joust Troupe in action.

The biggest day of the month falls on the 9th when we bust out the party hats for Connor’s 12th Birthday. We’ll follow that up with D&D on the 10th and a trek out to Hobbitland on Sunday for the Mississinewa 1812 Reenactment.

There’ll be more ‘ghost hunt’ tours and CODA paranormal investigations throughout the month, more D&D and a night of Mansions of Madness, All Hallow’s Reads and Poe readings by campfire, trips to pumpkin patches and corn mazes and more than a few cemeteries.

I mean, c’mon, nothing says October like a walk through an old boneyard.

straubI’ll be revisiting Peter Straub’s 2010 novel A Dark Matter. This was a work that struck very close to home for me. Straub is a brilliant author, a true master of the craft, and A Dark Matter holds a mirror up to my past in so many ways that, when I read it five years back, it almost felt like a nightmare was visited upon me.

I look forward to those feelings being rekindled.

If I chew through A Dark Matter fast enough, I may dip into some more Straub for old time’s sake. It’s been a while since I last read Ghost Story and I’m always eager to revisit that one.

But I’ve an itch to climb into some Machen and Blackwood as well, and Gaiman’s Fragile Things, and Bradbury’s October Country, and… October’s just not bloody long enough.

Hell’s fire, I’ve words of my own to write as well. Many of them here. I’ve a Parker Brothers tale just dying to get out, so expect a bookstore window serial to take flight very soon.

barbaracramptonAlso, this year I’ll be treating myself to a Scream Queen Legend Barbara Crampton movie marathon, every Friday throughout October. I’ve cued up Chopping Mall, From Beyond, Re-Animator, You’re Next, and We Are Still Here.

You can also bet your bottom dollar that The Monster Squad and The House of Dark Shadows will get watched… and I hope to sneak in The Devil Rides Out and Wicker Man… and I’m always a sucker for network tv ‘Hallowe’en’ episodes.

As usual, we’ll be sampling what the Family Channel and Turner Classic Movies has to offer, and we’re working our way through Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated.

And, least I forget, John Constantine’s back this month, on the fourth episode of Arrow. That should air on the 28th. Can’t miss that… Expect a review of Matt Ryan’s return to the small screen the following Thursday.

And Devil’s Night? What mischief do we have planned? Well, some things are better left a mystery.

That leaves us with Hallowe’en itself

Oh, there’s always something special brewing on All Hallow’s Eve. We’ll talk more about that later…

Happy October everyone. May its magic find you and wrap you up in its skeletal embrace.


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