Blackstone the Magician Detective


130 years ago today, Harry Blackstone Sr was born. Blackstone the Great died four months before I entered this world, but I grew up with him, though old black & white film, books, comics, and, of course, his son, Harry Blackstone Jr.

Blackstone Master MagicianBlackstone might very well have been my introduction to the ‘occult detective’

I remember a vacation when I was young. We were visiting my aunt in Tennessee. The Trospers had something of an entertainment room upstairs decorated with animation cells, cool old posters, movies mostly, like Tarzan, King Kong and such, all vintage, and a Blackstone: The World’s Master Magician.

It was captivating, with Blackstone’s portrait framed by little devils whispering into his ears… But it was the magician’s eyes that haunted you and drew you in.

My cousin Rich fueled my interest in the famed magician even more by pulling out a couple of tattered old comics he had. Blackstone the Magician Detective.

blackstonemagiciandetectiveI was floored, of course. Rich had one heck of a comic collection, all well read. These weren’t museum pieces. He had stacks of old dime comics: Batman, Detective, a bunch of old monster rags, and Blackstone.

So, tonight I salute my first occult detective — Blackstone the Great Magician.

Did he capture my imagination with a little of that old black magic?

Perhaps. Perhaps not. But he did inspire me all those long years ago.

Happy Birthday, Harry Blackstone. May you continue to Rest in Peace.


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