Midwinter of the Spirit


What better way to delve into Bobtober than with a new three-part television series that’s right up my alley?

Midwinter of the Spirit, based on the novel by Phil Rickman, is the latest scare to pop up on the tube, via ITV, and it’s a good one. Plenty of chills to pass around, it has, what with some nastiness in the form of a modern satanic cult and a cruel wooded crucifixion.

The cast is a treat, as these British dramas tend to be, especially the old exorcist, Father Huw Owens, played by David Threlfall, and his reluctant student, Anna Martin playing, non-ironically, a young priest named Merrily.


There is not subtle seduction here. Midwinter of the Spirit comes on strong and grabs you by the naughty bits and takes you for a ride. It’s powerful stuff. Put me in mind of Apparitions from a few years back, another Brit horror show with Martin Shaw as Father Jacob Myers. But that one was a bit of a slow burn and I liked it quite a lot.

Midwinter has plenty of atmosphere and the season’s right for it. After so many other disappointments, it nice to see something pop up on the tube that’s worth a toss.


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