Crystal Anniversary

bobkim092200I met Kimberly Moore in October of 1998. She was the assistant manager of Waldenbooks and I’d just hired on. We struck up a fast friendship and by December we were dating and on September 22, 2000 we exchanged vows that are as true for me today as the day I first spoke them.

Like every marriage, we’ve had our ups and downs, but our love has never wavered. We have a beautiful house, a perfect child, and the sort of life I would imagine most honest people would be envious of.

I trust her wholeheartedly and cannot imagine a more perfect companion.

The fact that she puts up with me and all my eccentricities should, in and of itself, see her nominated for some form of sainthood. I can be difficult and challenging, to be sure, but she takes it in stride even when I am at my most frustrating and infuriating.

What first attracted me to her seventeen years ago still holds true today. Kim is the kindest person I have ever met. She has a pure heart, through and through. Someone who flirts with as much darkness as I do needs that shining beacon of light to keep him grounded in the here and now.

Kim is my light in the darkness.

Happy Crystal Anniversary, Kimberly Freeman. I love you more today than I did yesterday. I will love you even more tomorrow.



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