Sacrificial Writes

ifyouwriteittheywillcomeI was interviewed yesterday for about an hour and a half by Carson Gerber for the Kokomo Tribune. As usual I probably over-shared, but it was a great way to spend a Thursday afternoon, talking about writing, the occult, and my paranormal experiences.

One of the questions asked, which I wish I would have expounded upon more, was if I considered myself a paranormal investigator who writes or a writer who investigates the paranormal.

I answered along the lines of being a writer first, but that I believed my ‘successes’ in the paranormal field were greater. I then began to ramble, most likely incoherently about the meaning of the word success and how it pertains to both crafts.

The simple truth is that I am a writer, first and foremost. I am a teller of tales, both big and small. I also am a collector of stories, both my own and those of others, and I consider them an incalculable currency.

I write, read, play games, investigate the strange and unusual, play and listen to music, delve into social media, and watch a fair amount of tv and movies for pretty much all the same reason. It’s the same thing that caused men and women to gather around campfires and share tales of mystery and wonder. It is a hunger for stories in all shapes and sizes.

Words have power. They are magic.

Am I a paranormal investigator who writes or a writer who investigates the paranormal?

The answer is yes.


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