fam250 years ago today my parents were married, in a little chapel in Kokomo, if I remember correctly. The date was September 12, 1965 and they were little more than children, to be honest. That they have made their marriage work, especially in an age when divorce is the norm, is to be commended. I’m sure it was seldom easy, especially marrying so young.

In many ways, they were growing up alongside me.

My parents were both born in Arkansas, not too far from each other. Both families moved to Indiana in the nineteen fifties because work was scarce and the Hoosier State was booming. Converse was practically Northern Arkansas in the late fifties and remained so into the eighties i suspect.

One of my dad’s best friends in high school was Charles Shirley. His little sister was my mother Mildred. Mom and Dad met on the Shirley Farm where my dad kept his horse.

My dad worked at Chrysler which afforded us a comfortable life. My mom went from being a homemaker to a teacher’s aide to a librarian and genealogy instructor.

I learned a lot form them both and you can see a bit of each of them in me. Obviously I wouldn’t be the man I am today without them. They would be the first to admit they weren’t perfect parents, my brother and I were a challenge, to be sure, but they raised two sons who were both creatively gifted and they were instrumental in fostering that in us.

The Freemans circa 1978

The Freemans circa 1978

My love for books comes from my mother, while my interests in horror and science fiction came form my father.

They gave so much to my brother and me. They sacrificed a lot. And I love them for it.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. Thank you for being great parents and even greater grandparents.

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  1. Happy Anniversary ! To a very special couple love you both

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