Homeward Bound, Spirit Having Flown

As a young man, one of the biggest problems I had with magick in general was the obsession by most occultists with exotic cultures other than their own. Be it Egyptian, Sumerian, Hindi, Taoist, Buddhist, or what have you, it seemed like British Occultists, those cats of whom I read the most about anyway, were hellbent to look outside their own heritage for the most part, denying the rich tapestry of the folkway in their own backyard.

I mean, I get it now, from a historical context, but in my teens and tweens, it seemed alien to me. It’s why I never felt drawn to Christianity in the first place. I never felt a connection to the characters in the Bible nor to the tribal desert god they worshiped.

I got that same sense from the martial arts with the emphasis on Japanese, Chinese, and Korean styles, especially when my ancestors had their own weapon and hand-to-hand techniques that were every bit as viable as their eastern counterparts.

You gravitate toward what speaks to you. I just think a lot of people looking to fill an empty space inside themselves overlook what’s right in front of their faces, clamoring for something to make them feel more special, more unique, all the while moving farther and farther away from what would truly make them whole.

There’s something to be said for embracing who you are and where you’re from.

Not that I’m judging. Far from it. A person’s spiritual path is their own to follow. I’m just putting it out there that if you’re still searching, if there is an empty place inside, maybe, just maybe, you’re looking in the wrong places. The answer might be right outside your backdoor and not somewhere over the rainbow.

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