Post (fere) Lapsum

salamonieCrazy busy today, so a quick story.

In elementary school one year we went on a leaf collecting trip to the Salamonie Reservoir. Very much against the norm. The Mississinewa was our usual stomping grounds. Brent and I and a few others split from the pack, trekked off on our own to do a bit of exploring.


I remember a sea of yellow leaves littering the ground.

There was a steep hillside we decided to climb. It was rough going. Brent, being the smaller of the two of us went first. Occasionally he would rise up to catch a root by placing his foot in my hand and me boosting him up.

It was a fun climb and seemed quite dangerous (it probably wasn’t).

Brent reached the top, spun about, and was lying on his stomach. I remember seeing his face above, Cheshire grin on display.

I remember grasping a root near the top and pulling myself up… and I remember it breaking.

Brent’s eyes went wide. I’m sure mine did the same.

I reached out quickly and he caught my hand and I just about pulled him over with me… but we dug in, scrambling. Brent got spun around and I grabbed his leg. He was somehow holding onto a tree now, hugging it with all his might. I climbed up him, grabbed another root jutting out from the hillside and finally made it to the top.

I remember the two of us laying there breathing heavy, shaking as we came down from the adrenaline rush, and laughing our asses off… with big fluffy clouds above our heads and grass, dirt, and gravel for a pillow.


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