Back on Track

ConstantineFirst, thrilled that it’s been confirmed that Matt Ryan will be reprising his take on John Constantine for the fourth season of Arrow. Word is he’ll show up for episode 5 with his storyline being focused around the resurrection of the original Canary via Ra’s al Ghul’s Lazarus Pit. Let’s hope the episode is a smashing success, the PTB at the CW take notice, and Constantine himself is resurrected for a weekly series, though I’d settle for a reoccurring character role throughout the CW/DC Universe. Hell, I could see John showing up on Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supernatural, iZombie, Vampire Diaries, and/or the Originals. For that matter, seeing him on Penn & Telller, and Masters of Illusion would be spot on too.

But enough about everyone’s favorite Petty Dabbler in the Mystic Arts.

kotdavI am happy to report that things are back on track at Seventh Star Press with the second volume in my Cairnwood Manor series, Keepers of the Dead. I’ve a new editor on board, Scott Sandridge, and Steven Zimmer has Shadows Over Somerset illustrator Enggar Adirasa cued up and ready to go.

We’re still looking at a Fall release date, even with the editorial change. That means everyone involved will be working overtime to make this happen. I have faith we can pull it off. As proud as I was of Shadows, it was after writing Keepers of the Dead that I felt my writing chops were coming together.

You can expect the third chapter in the Cairnwood Manor saga, now titled Shadow of the Wolf, when the leaves start to change next year…


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