If I were in charge of making the Dungeons & Dragons movie…

Dice Upon A Time

dndlogoYes, Virginia, there’s going to be (another) Dungeons & Dragons movie. Warner Bros, Sweetpea, & Hasbro have hammered out their clandestine deal. Palms have been crossed. Pacts have been signed. Sacrifices have been made. Souls have been bartered and sold.

And, yes, it is going to be set in the Forgotten Realms.

You knew it would be.

I mentioned yesterday I thought this to be a mistake.

As I see it, Dungeons & Dragons is not Lord of the Rings. It is not Game of Thrones. Saying you’re making a Forgotten Realms movie is, well, you making a Forgotten Realms movie. That is not the same thing as making a Dungeons & Dragons movie.

Not by a long shot.

Dungeons & Dragons is, first and foremost, a game.

The movie needs to address this.

You don’t have this:


Without this:


If I were making a Dungeons & Dragons movie…

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