Blue Monday

genconn* I had an amazing time with Kim & Conn at Gen Con on Sunday. They are immensely good company and keep me on course. Already looking forward to next year. Later today, I’ll be posting a bit about our trip over at Dice Upon A Time…if the gods allow it.

* I started a new story on Lammas Night, for a variety of reasons. It is an occult detective fantasy, something I’ve attempted before but never followed through with. First lines are important. This one starts, “The grave was unmarked by the hands of men, but the old gods remembered and showed their respect accordingly.”

* I just cracked open John Langan’s The Wide Carnivorous Sky and Other Monstrous Geographies. I’ve been meaning to get to this for awhile. I love Langan’s narrative voice. He’s one of those guys who inspires you to dig deeper.

* There are only 88 days till Hallowe’en. Only 50 days until Bobtober begins…

* “Our” cat had been missing for going on two weeks. I put “our” in quotes because he lives outside. He showed up one day several months back with a limp leg and looking malnourished. We kept him fed, looked after him a bit… enjoyed his companionship.

Conn named him Boo, after the cat in my Landon Connors stories, he being black with a spot of gray on his breast.

Yesterday, as we left for Gen Con, I spotted him crossing the road a few blocks from our house, from a field of corn into a field of beans. We pulled up and called for him. He came. Kim tried to get him to go back home with us, but Boo wasn’t interested. He showed his affection, but returned to the wild, where I presume, now that his leg is healed, he prefers to hunt for his food.

I also suspect he’s got himself a lady cat or two on the hook.


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