Once in a Blue Moon

We’ve something of a magical weekend ahead of us. Not only is it Lùnastal (or Lughnasadh, Lammas, or Gwyl Awst, if you prefer), but it’s a blue moon as well. The last time Lùnastal and a blue moon fell together was 2004.

Lùnastal marks the beginning of harvest and, coupled with the second full moon of July, we’ve got ourselves a strange brew in the making.

For my part, after work I’m looking to hit the Converse Town Rummage with Kim, then play a board game with Connor before the three of us wrap up season nine of Smallville. Then we’ll see about lighting a Harvest Fire.. and writing the first lines of a new project.

It’s also a time to reap what’s been sown. There is a lesson that I keep having to relearn and it is this — It is not enough to be published. You need to be published well. It’s time once more for some soul searching, to reevaluate where my writing is taking me.

Lùnastal is the perfect time for this…


2 Responses to “Once in a Blue Moon”

  1. The real definition of a Blue Moon is the 3rd full moon of an (astrological) season which has 4 full moons. There are none of those in calendar year 2015.

    I only bring this up because the modern “definition” (based on a thoughtless mistake in “Sky and Telescope” magazine in the 1950’s) makes so little sense. The calendar months are completely arbitrary. If there were a definition that distinguished the second full moon while the Sun is in a given sign, that might be a little interesting as well.

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