Monday Monday

I finished “Birds of a Feather” for the Occult Legion finally. I started work on it, originally, on April Fool’s day. Four months to write four thousand words. Should have taken me four days. The important thing, I suppose, is that I finally typed “FIN” on the bastard. It’s a good story, set just after World War II, and features a couple of characters from my Cairnwood Manor novels.

01 sigil magick

I don’t get all the hate for True Detective’s second season, especially toward Vaughn and Farrell. Look, it’s not great TV, but it’s not terrible either. It’s like Nic Pizzolatto took a paint by numbers cop show and tried (emphasis on tried) to put a David Lynch spin on it. While he did a superb job of mining Alan Moore and Thomas Ligotti in season one, season two, so far, has been less successful. I’m still hoping that everything comes together in the final two episodes.

01 sigil magick

Played four sessions of Dungeons & Dragons this past weekend. One with Connor and Kasey; another with Connor, Doug, Kasey, Joe, & Steve; a third with Doug, Joe, Shaun, and Steve; and finally, a solo adventure with Connor. All set in the same home-brew universe, of course, though in different timelines.

01 sigil magick

We are a lot further along on the remodel of Connor’s bedroom. Kim painted the room on Sunday. Carpet, doors, and trim and then his sanctum sanctorum will be complete. Close. Maybe two more weeks?

01 sigil magick

Mounted a lantern outside our front door. Curb Appeal 101, as my lovely wife says. Stuck another on our shack. Looks pretty decent, if I do say so myself.

01 sigil magick

Gen Con is creeping up on us. Nervous and excited. Bemoaning my slim wallet, but it’ll be spectacular regardless.


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