2 Responses to “Signage”

  1. In case you realize this or not fatass; Brian Keene has enabled my work to be stolen then denied it like denying the holocaust. The fact being the sequel anthology you appeared in I discovered this anthology in it’s original incarnation as the editor and I were signing mates in Chicago. He calls Tabloid Purposes IV more intense than this was but it held its own with Tabloid Purposes 3.
         Let me show you something as I had written Walt Disney Company of her dirty little secret. That secret will be the end of her future career as she went after Lake Fossil — big fucking no-no there. Rule of thumb — don’t cause controversy if you can’t handle the backlash as my page and kickstarters I show Stephen Glass’ fabricated article’s first page. Karen Koehler lied to to get me tossed from there and in case you realize what I used to get my entirely catalog back. As two of my contributors are no longer around; don’t get in my way when I end Christine Morgan’s career. She stole from Walt Disney; as DIsney is Chicagoan. Don’t steal from Chicago. I shit on your ancestors because my family only been in this country since the 1910-1913. The civil war means jack and shit my my great-grandparents because they were not here yet. So think about what I am saying because I had to deal with David Boyer first hand. You still look like a pedophile.

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