True Detective Season 2 Unmasked


So who killed Caspere the friendly ghost? I’m going to post a picture that is either a red herring or a freaking neon sign arrow pointing right to the killer. Have a look, then we’ll talk.


Foreshadowing Velcoro’s date with Ravenhead we see the not-really-dead-but-we-want-you-to-think-he-is Detective in conversation with Dr. Piltor, Caspere’s shrink, who appears to be in desperate need of one himself, while a raven overlooks the proceedings.

Pitlor, played eerily by an unrecognizable Rick Springfield, is almost as creepy as this:


I have very little doubt that the good doctor is up to his Jim Jones shades in this one.

We’re going to find out there’s some kind of funky, occult-themed, mask-wearing, sex club thing going on with Pitlor in the middle of it. His shrink house doesn’t just change heads, they change faces too.

It’s all about masks.

Everyone on this show is wearing one, except Velcoro… there’s the mobster trying to go legit, the CHP trying to play straight, etc… Everyone’s hiding who they really are…

I’ve got more to say on all this, but not enough time to say it, but trust me… Masks. It’s all about the masks.

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