93 Skidoo


I devoured all the Lovecraft I could get my hands on before I reached junior high. I was one of those odd kids that always had a book on hand. To be honest, it was usually Robert E. Howard that had my attention, but Lovecraft certainly was a close second. I generally kept a paperback book shoved into my back pocket, just in case. Don’t believe me? I could show you my ragged and tattered copies of Conan the Freebooter and The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath as proof.

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. The real subject of today’s blog entry has to do with an odd sort of synchronicity.

I had, for some peculiar reason, Lovecraft on my mind this morning. Not his fiction, mind you, but the man himself, and so was perusing a collection of photographs when one in particular caught my eye.


Taken on the shore in Magnolia, Massachusetts, on June 25th, 1922, a few stray thoughts crossed my mind and these in turn led me to one of those surrealistic synchronicities that makes one wonder about the underlying connections between the world we see, openly, and the one hidden from us, that greases the wheels of madness.

Seeing Lovecraft strike this pose on the Magnolia cliff led me, first, to think on Aleister Crowley, who was something of a mountaineer and climber. Then I noticed the date — June 25th. Funny, that, being today’s date as well. But that year, 1922, was scratching at my brain. Something about the year was striking my as strange. June 25th, 1922. June 25th, 2015. Then it dawned on me… 93 years.

So, my lizard brain, seeing this picture of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, led me to associate it with one Aleister Crowley, a picture separated to the day, from then to now, by 93 years.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law? Weird coincidence or someone trying to tell me something? You decide.


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