Blades and Bullets

Pretty bloody cool, no?

I’ve some forging of my own to get to, not the least of which is to put the finishing touches on a story that’s long overdue, something for the Occult Legion. They’ve been waiting on me to fork this thing for just shy of three months now. Well, this weekend I’ll be camping out in a derelict haunt to have some ghosts and beasties help me along with it.

I fully expect ‘Birds of a Feather’ will be sent their way by Monday.

* Roofers are wrapping things up on Castle Freeman today, despite a week of rain. This’d warm me heart if I had one.

* Wee bit of a snag on Conn’s remodel as my helpmates are in Jersey. Back on track soon, I hope.

Dragonstone1(photo courtesy of Doug Gentry’s phone)

* Looking forward to our next D&D Night in a little more than 2 weeks. Last session was ungodly epic (see the pic above) and I need to pull out all the stops for this one coming up (especially as there’s a bit of a surprise in store for them). Storyline’s coming to a close and eager for the next chapter which sort of leads in to my next bullet point.

* Ordered a 4Ground Fantasy model for me mates. Hoping to surprise them with a playable diorama by August.

* Friday’s the Sweetser Town Rummage. Looking for a record player, some 70s rock on vinyl, something that’s willing to act like a cool trash can, some old board games, something to dress up our outdoors a bit (especially in the front yard), books (always books), some odds and ends that wouldn’t mind being repurposed for fantasy terrain, and toys willing to do the same.

* Been watching Smallville with the family. It has been a lot of fun taking it in this time around. Was really down on it when it first ran. Funny what watching through the eyes of your pre-teen, super-hero obsessed son’ll do for your attitude.

* Speaking of pre-teen. Ordered an xbox one (with Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag & Unity along for the ride) and Batman: Arkham Knight for the kid last night. All well and good, but dad wants For Honor and the Star Wars Edition of Disney Infinity 3.0.

* I also ordered an oscillating tool. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

* You know what, that’s all for now… More tomorrow, most likely. But I’ll leave you with this to chew on — if Donald Trump gets the Republican Nomination, I am sooooo voting for him for President. He’s the President America deserves. You can quote me on that.


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