Trinkets & Treasures

Isaac Bonewitz was one of my favorite free thinkers on the planet. He passed over to the Summerland just shy of five years ago. I consider his first book, Real Magic: An Introductory Treatise on the Basic Principles of Yellow Magic, essential reading.

I learned through the wonders of the Internet that Isaac’s lovely wife Phaedra, an equally important voice in various neopagan movements, was selling off a large portion of her and Isaac’s substantial library.

It was far too tempting to pass up. My personal library begged to have some of the Bonewitz’ editions added to their shelves. I contacted Phaedra and I was lucky enough to pick up copies of Tolkien’s Silmarillion, Fortune’s The Demon Lover and The Secrets of Dr. Taverner, Crowley’s Moonchild, Lee Hollander’s translation of The Poetic Edda, and, my favorite of the lot, Ozark Magic and Folklore by Vance Randolph.

I am honored to have these books that once were part of Isaac and Phaedra’s collection now become part of mine.


I love books. In fact, you might call it an obsession. One of my favorite annual “book hunts” started today in the little town of Swayzee, Indiana. Every June the community comes together and hosts a town-wide rummage. There’s usually in the neighborhood of a hundred garage sales and seemingly thousands of people descend on the little rural village to pilfer as many treasures as they can muster.

It’s something we do as a family. In fact, I reckon it’s one of Kim’s and my favorite activities… The funny thing is, no matter how many great deals you come away with, it’s always the things we didn’t get that lords over the post-rummage discussions.

I’m already crying over an early 20th century organ shell that a lady wanted $150 for. It was gorgeous, and the price was dead on, but just too rich for my wallet.

Despite that miss,we still made out like a bandits.


In the picture above is some of the loot I vikinged from the Swayzee Town Rummage this year, including a 1st Edition Cujo, an old school Three Investigators novel, Larson’s The Devil in the White City, a portable watercolor set, 2 vintage Scrabble games, a bad ass copy of Avalon Hill’s classic Feudal, a stuffed Scooby Doo (yeah, that’s right), an awesome Green Dragon miniature, and a fish-tank bridge that I’ll be repurposing as Dungeons & Dragons terrain.

(Not Pictured: a 3′ length of log chain, a Yamaha PortaSound keyboard, a vintage leather manuscript satchel, a portable 3 drawer bin on wheels, and a manual lawnmower)

And that’s just what I got for myself. I didn’t mention more than a dozen textbook and young adult novels for Conn, plus video games, nerf guns, a dart board, etcetera ad nauseum. All on the cheap, as in about 50 bucks (give or take).

The best part? We’ll be doing it again in two weeks when Sweetser has their town-wide rummage.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Well, I loaded up on treasures today…


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