Death’s Master

tleeOne of Brent’s favorite authors passed away on Sunday.

As soon as I read that Tanith Lee had passed I immediately flashed on a ragged copy of Lee’s The Dragon Hoard that Brent and I read and reread when we were schoolboys. There wasn’t a lot of fantasy in the school library, so this one got a lot of wear and tear from us. The little card in the back that you had to sign was virtually a back and forth between us.

Tanith Lee was a prolific and poetic wordsmith, and I know that, even after I had moved on from her works, they remained important to Brent.

In fact, maybe a year back or so, he had encouraged me to read Lee’s Lionwolf series.

I never got around to it and really wish I had now.

One of my favorite things to do with Brent was to talk books. When we were younger, we traded them often and would spend long hours discussing and dissecting them.

Gods, I miss that.

Anyway, today I will track down The Dragon Hoard and give it a read and I will keep both the author and my friend in my heart for a while longer.


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