A few quick thoughts on “Kill The Boy”


Season 5 Episode 5

“Kill the Boy” or “50 Shades of Greyscale”


“This isn’t a strange place, this is my home.
It’s the people who are strange.”
— Sansa to the Boltons



My time today is short, so let’s cut to the chase as quickly as we can.

“Kill the Boy” was a stage setter. Several pieces were carefully maneuvered into position and, by not visiting Dorne, King’s Landing, and Braavos, the episode was given room to breathe. I expect more of the same next week.

With Ser Barristan gone, so too is my interest in Meereen. I was never fond of Dany’s chapters in the books. Selmy was their saving grace. The dragon visuals are nice though, and once Tyrion and Jorah finish their trek, then I might find myself invested one more.

The Winterfell moments really shined this week. Sophie Turner has really grown as an actress and she’s selling Sansa’s predicament in spades. Terrific moment between her and the Kennel Master’s Daughter and the slow walk down to Reek’s pen. Also, the enter dinner scene was just so… absurd… I found it utterly compelling. And the set-up with Brienne, waiting patiently to come to Sansa’s rescue… Well done, GoT.

I was also impressed with everything involving The Wall. The actors were all spot on as we were treated to several particularly well-written scenes with some of the best dialogue yet. Jon Snow is really coming into his own, much to the chagrin of his crow brothers who are not yet ready to face the cold hard truth that if they’re to survive what’s coming, they need to swallow their pride and do what needs to be done.

All that said, I suppose what everyone will be talking about between this episode and next is Jorah and Tyrion’s Apocalypse Now river ride through the ruins of old Valyria. They make a great team, the stoic Mormont and the diminutive but verbose Lannister. Tyrion’s amazement upon seeing Drogon was priceless, punctuated by the Stone Men’s attack.

Some clever fade to and out of black there by the director and it just wouldn’t be Game of Thrones without some stunning (and non-book related) cliffhanger to leave us hungry for more.

What does Jorah’s greyscale infection mean for our story going forward? I wish I knew, because it certainly didn’t happen in the novels. Looks like I’m in the same boat as the non-readers now. And that’s a scary place to be, given David and Dan’s track record.

One thing is for sure… next week won’t get here soon enough.


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