My Thoughts on Paradigm Busters, edited by J. Douglas Kenyon

Sorry to be a spoil sport, but I’ve got some news for Mr. Kenyon (and company): just because you want something to be true doesn’t make it so… and while “scientists” and I don’t always see eye to eye, science, or more correctly, critical examination should be, first and foremost, the order of business when approaching any subject.

Open-minds? Oh, most certainly. But, please, keep your wits about you.

paradigmbustersTherein lies the issue with the latest conspiracy-laden, ancient alien, secret history anthology from Atlantis Rising — Paradigm Busters: Beyond Science – Lost History – Ancient Wisdom, edited by J. Douglas Kenyon — it is 90% (and I’m being generous here) poppycock.

You know, there was a time, back in the late seventies, when I was all into these sorts of things. Granted, I was a pre-teen, so critical thinking wasn’t exactly my strong point.

There’s some great fiction to be mined from such subjects…

Thing is, I am a firm believer in ancient wisdom, in magick and unseen forces, in hidden histories and lost civilizations, in sacred sites and eldritch wonders…

But if you’re going to present a collection of essays on these topics, perhaps your so-called experts should do their homework and not make such bold leaps and conjectures and present them as gospels as delivered from on high.

Well, somebody was high when they were writing this stuff, and if you really want me to buy into this, then you need to quit bogarting.

I’m sorry, Atlantis Rising, but you’re not convincing anyone with this conjob collection. It might work on the rubes, but those of us with a nose for the truth can smell b.s. from a long ways off. The only thing getting busted around here is common sense.

I will say this, ancient alien/mystery enthusiasts, this one’s for you. And if you’re up for a laugh, critical thinking occultists just might enjoy the ride, for what it’s worth. If you must, you can track down Paradigm Busters at amazon.

As for me? I’m looking forward to cleansing my palate with Dr. Karen Ralls’ Gothic Cathedrals: A Guide to the History, Places, Art, and Symbolism. I’ve a feeling she’ll not steer me wrong, and if she finds the need to present some guesswork, at least it will be an educated and intuitive leap.


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