Roll On, Gamers!

TableTopDay_logoSATURDAY APRIL 11 2015

May all your dice rolls be 20s

So, we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of another International Tabletop Day. Well done, Wil Wheaton. Well done. Hats off, also, to Felicia Day and the whole Geek & Sundry Gang for letting their geek flags fly.

I’ve never been shy of sharing my adoration for games. I grew up on Stratego, Risk, and Avalon Hill war games, along with a host of other family friendly board games (I’m looking at you, Sorry!). But it was discovering Dungeons & Dragons in 1978 that took me from a fan to a fanatic.

Games have been an important part of the very fabric of human existence, Don’t believe me? You should have paid more attention in Archaeology 101.

d20If it was good enough for the Ancient Egyptians, it’s good enough for me.

Tonight, Conn and I will be joining lifelong friends in a little 5th Edition D&D. Not because it’s International Tabletop Day. That’s just a coincidence. No, we’re getting our game on because it fires the imagination, creates everlasting friendships, and is freaking fun.

So, spill out the contents of your purple Crown Royal bag and Roll On, Gamers! It’s about to get unreal up in here…


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