Works in Various States of Progress

Trying to organize the chaos. And failing. At least the effort is there…

  • Untitled Landon Connors novel. A collaboration of sorts with an old friend. We co-founded the Monster Club back in 1973, so we’ve a bit of history together. Now, he’s a medical doctor and a bit of a scientist. I’m turning his research into a globetrotting supernatural adventure starring someone you may have heard of.
  • Untitled Occult Detective fantasy novel. Yes, this is still in the works., even more so now as this was the one my best mate was clamoring for. Now he’s gone. Writing this one for him.
  • Untitled novel. Speaking of writing something for someone else, this project is something of a departure for me. I don’t foresee any supernatural elements (not counting them out though). It’s more of a drama that sidesteps into a mystery and I think it’s more aligned with the type of story my wife wants me to write. It’s being written by me, though, so it’ll have my brand of oddities throughout, but I was thinking of her when this sprang to life, so yeah… hoping this one puts a smile on her face. After she’s done hyperventilating, I mean.

Those are the biggies occupying my mind right now. There are some others percolating as well, and I’m still wanting to get some gaming stuff squared away and out there, but with the remodel at home, the business machinations, and more… well, it’s a wonder I get out of bed most days, let alone get anything accomplished.

And yes, I know I’m way behind on reviews. I’ll get there. Eventually.

No update on Keepers of the Dead for you yet. The follow-up to Shadows Over Somerset, Keepers will be published By Seventh Star Press sometime late this year methinks. With that in mind, the final book in the Cairnwood Manor trilogy is still waiting for me to hammer it out. I suppose I’ll light that candle once darkness descends.

As for the Landon Connors series. Stay tuned.



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