A few thoughts on Angels and Ministers of Grace


Season 1 / Episode 12
Angels and Ministers of Grace

written by Christine Boylan
directed by Sam Hill

“The best cure for a hangover is another drink.”
— John Constantine

The penultimate episode of Constantine’s first season needed to deliver some fire and brimstone. Against the ropes, on the verge of cancellation, this was the time to come out of the corner swinging, hopefully to land a haymaker and have everyone talking by the watercooler on Monday.

That may be what the doctor ordered, but, unfortunately, it wasn’t delivered.


Not that there weren’t some fine moments in Angels and Ministers of Grace. Harold Perrineau and Charles Halford delivered some much needed comedy relief,  Angélica Celaya brought some real depth to Zed’s crisis of faith, and there was some legitimately cool magic being weaved by Matt Ryan’s John Constantine. The Vial of Air from Hades was a particularly nice touch.

With no news yet on Constantine being picked up for a second season, and let’s be honest, the ratings have not really warranted such talk, I would have liked to have seen more desperation from the showrunners and writers.

On the plus side, Angels and Ministers of Grace did mine from the classic DC Universe, conjuring up the Heart of Darkness, a weapon in the arsenal of The Spectre’s predecessor, Eclipso. Unfortunately, Eclipso himself was a no-show, but, maybe, if Constantine pulls a rabbit out of his hat and gets a second season (in one form or another) then just maybe we can have a visit from God’s Vengeance personified.

With only one episode left (and a real doozy of one from the sound of it, as Jim Corrigan and Papa Midnite both return for the season finale), we have to hope for the best. All thirteen cards will have been played. Then it will be up to the money-crunchers…

I should address the rumour that one of the ideas being bandied about by the powers that be is a network move from NBC to Syfy and a rebranding. Oddly enough this comes on the heels of the comic book announcement being relaunched as Constantine: The Hellblazer.

Word on the street is, if the Syfy move happens, Constantine will be retitled Hellblazer and be a helluva lot edgier, because, well, they supposedly let you get away with that sort of thing on cable (although Hannibal seems to get along just fine on network).

Also, Syfy doesn’t require as many viewers as NBC to keep a show afloat. Of course, none of that worked for the tragically underrated Dresden Files, but that’s another blog post altogether.

Fingers crossed and horns up. As I’ve stated so many times before, we need John Constantine on television.

Let’s everyone turn up next week for the finale and show our support. And if we fall, so be it. Let’s go out in a bloody blaze of glory.


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