Post Tenebras Lux


I have been blessed to belong to a circle of friends that have been a miraculous gift, a gathering of like minds with enormous hearts and a shared bond that transcends blood.

In our small troop, Brent was equal parts trickster and Dionysus, our puer aeternus, if you will. But he was also erudite and insightful.

We spent long hours over the years, he and I, debating, most often, spiritual matters, of life and death and all points in between. Over drinks and smokes, especially at night when the great expanse of the heavens stretched out above us, when magic seemed a tangible thing to be embraced and experienced, we sought to define our existence and to unlock the mysteries of the universe.

That we had similar outlooks on Death should come as no surprise. We were close, after all, more like brothers than friends. We would talk of Death as our last great adventure, of piercing the veil and sailing off into the unknown.

When Death visits someone close to us our beliefs are tested, but I believe Death is a transition… a transformation, as we shed our mortal coil and ascend into the hereafter.

I believe both our spirit and soul transcends life and death, that they are eternal.

I believe our spirit has always been and will always be. I believe our soul, born to life in unison with our physical body, continues on once our corporeal form is laid to rest.

Soon, our circle will come together to celebrate the life of our beloved brother, Robert Brent Smith. We may say goodbye and farewell to the shell he has left behind, but the man we loved is still out there, tripping the light fantastic, even as each of us hold a piece of him in our hearts.




2 Responses to “Post Tenebras Lux”

  1. Yvonne Lopez Says:

    You have some great pictures of Brent and I was wondering if I could get some copies. I hope you do not mind me asking.

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