Bobbing for Bullets

Lots on my plate today, so let’s do this in a hail of bullets.

  • I had a nuclear stress test yesterday verifying that I do indeed have a heart (contrary to popular belief) and it is as strong as a bull’s. They still want to perform an echocardiogram (on Thursday), but all indications are that my ticker is ticking just fine.
  • I was asked if I had any interest in taking part in a paranormal reality show with the working title of “Really Naked & Afraid”. Yeah, that’s sooo not going to happen. Not only is it a bad idea (and really, 99% of paranormal shows are), but don’t these programs give paranormal research a bad enough reputation as is? Now we have to follow pasty white folk around haunted locations with their naughty bits digitally blurred out? What’s next, Tantric Ghost Sex with the Stars? Hm, maybe I’m on to something.
  • We’ve been fighting colds and flu-like symptoms in Castle Freeman for like a month now. Something’s got to give. One thing’s for sure, I’ve written next to nothing. I don’t just want to get back on the horse — I need to.
  • Constantine returns this coming Friday (January 16 @ 8pm on NBC) with Part 2 of The Saint of Last Resorts. Part 1 was brilliant and based on the previews, Part 2 looks to be more of the same. Oh, and #SaveConstantine.
  • They freaking tore Ray Bradbury’s home of more than 50 years down, because people suck, plain and simple. That bloody place should have been trapped in amber.
  • The gods are often times cruel and unusual, but they do have a sense of humor. You’ll learn all about it when I publish my memoirs in 2046.
  • Yes, I bought a Powerball ticket. Jackpot is in the neighborhood of $175 million. I know I have a better chance of being struck by lightning more than a half dozen times, but you did read the bullet right before this one, right?
  • Looking forward to nabbing today’s comics — Conan/Red Sonja #1, Constantine #21, Vampirella #100, and a little thing called Star Wars #1. Rumor has it that Frazetta Sketchbook II might also be available. Wish I could snatch up the deluxe hardcover, but at $70, I’m going to need to pull off the bullet right above this one for that to happen.
  • Speaking of things I’d buy if I won tonight’s lottery — the Conan Kickstarter is at nearly half a million dollars with 28 days to go. They were asking for $80,000.
  • Brian Keene is serializing THE SEVEN: THE LABYRINTH, BOOK 1, via Patreon because, yes, sometimes the gods are cruel and unusual, sometimes they’ve a sense of humor… but sometimes, just sometimes, they toss you a bone to chew on.
  • Fancy a Twin Peaks Wallpaper?
  • How about more X-Files? Gillian Anderson’s all for it and so am I.
  • I am currently working my way, once more, through Mysteriorum libri Quinti. My fascination for the works by Dr. John Dee, and particularly those works involving Enochian Magick with the aide of his nefarious cohort Edward Kelley, continues unabated. I find it deliciously impossible to wrap my head firmly around it, and so feel compelled to immerse myself in it, time and time again and will continue to do so, I am quite sure, until I shuffle off this mortal coil.

2 Responses to “Bobbing for Bullets”

  1. tracydevore Says:

    I always said you had a good heart. ;) Sickening about Bradbury’s place, it almost made me cry. And “Naked and Afraid”?? Please say they weren’t serious. :/

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