Tooth Delay #Wyrdtails

If you follow me on twitter or facebook (or both) then you’re most likely aware that I’m in the middle of a toothapocalypse (because toothache is so very much the wrong word for this).

I finally got in to see the dentist, but due to infection, inflammation, and the like, I can’t have the tooth addressed until early next week.

So, what’s that got to do with today’s installment of Wyrdtails?

Well, I wrote through the pain on Tuesday, but with the finale lined up, I just don’t feel that grinding my way through the endgame hopped up on antibiotics and pain meds will do the story the justice it deserves.

How about I see if I can get adjusted to the alchemical process that’s churning inside my meat & bone crucible and we shoot for tomorrow instead?




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