An excerpt from Brian Keene’s Invisible Monsters

levi_smSo, as you know, I love the Occult Detective genre. Kind of obvious, no? Well, one of my favorites is Brian Keene’s Levi Stoltzfus, an ex-Amish occult detective skilled in the ways of powwow folk magic… accentuated by a command of various other magical disciplines.

A servant of God, Levi wields this impressive array of occult knowledge in a never-ending battle against the forces of darkness. He’s starred in the novels Ghost Walk and A Gathering of Crows, and appeared in Clickers vs Zombies (co-written with the late, great Jesus Gonzalez), plus he was the focus of the novellas The Witching Tree and The Last of the Albatwitches.

He’s slated to appear in two more novels in the near future, Bad Ground and next year’s Invisible Monsters.

Brian was kind enough to post an excerpt on Facebook. Enjoy.

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