New Serial Starts Monday


About 10 days back, I brought up one of my favorite writing exercises — something I lifted from Harlan Ellison, wherein he would sit and write in a bookstore window and tape up the pages as they were finished for the people to read — and that my plan was to begin another such exercise in December.

Well, I’ve been giving it even more thought, and I could use something to cleanse my palate of a.) a nasty little rabbit hole I fell down on my current WIP and b.) the Stephen King novel I just finished (Revival). So, I’ve decided to begin sooner than later.

Here’s the banner announcement:


And it’ll be featuring, of course, the fedora adorned gentleman gracing the top of this post.

So, to clarify: New Serial Fiction. Seat-of-my-pants. December 1st. Landon Connors. Wyrdtails. See ya then.


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