My thoughts on “Danse Vaudou” & Saving Constantine


On the heels of another positive episode, one that saw a 38% increase in ratings and a .3 bump in market share, NBC announced that there would be no Back 9 for Constantine. Now, before we get our collective knickers in a twist, Constantine has not been cancelled outright. In fact, there’s a good chance a second season could still manifest.

So what can we do to help make that second season a reality?

First, spread the word and get your friends, family, and colleagues to watch… especially if they’ve got a bloody Nielsen box in their home.

Second, embrace social media and get Constantine trending on twitter, facebook, ello, or whatever/wherever strikes your fancy. If we’re talking about it, then the right ears just might hear it.

Third, contact NBC direct and (politely) demand more Constantine. Here’s a handy little link where you can be heard.

And finally, if you’ve the stomach for it, you could always perform a little spellcraft. Who knows, with the right incantation and proper offering, the gods might just smile on us yet.


“…Voodoo’s just a magical excuse for a party.”
— John Constantine

As for “Danse Vaudou”, while it wasn’t quite up to par with last week’s brilliant episode, it is easily my second favorite of this young season. The story was compelling, the acting superb, and there was some great dialogue, particularly coming out of Papa Midnite’s mouth. The writers have certainly upped their game, making Constantine so much more than just another comic book adaptation.

It does have that appeal, of course. I am lifelong fan of the medium, but more than that, as you know, I am a student of the occult and seeing these two passions of mine melded into one is intoxicating and inspiring.

And the magic, well, sure it strays into the fictional, but there’s some meat left on the bone to chew on. The writers are doing their research. I understand creative license comes with the territory. As a writer myself, I’ve been guilty of the same, but I sure do appreciate it when they give more than lip service to the “dark arts”.

“You are a magpie of magic, a thief of tradition. You steal from
other people’s cultures and beliefs to suit your own purposes.”
— Papa Midnite


This week, we got to meet another DC Universe occult personality in the form of Jim Corrigan, soon (I hope) to be known as The Spectre. I thought Emmett Scanlan did a bang up job as the future Spirit of Divine Vengeance. He had good chemistry with Angélica Celaya who, I must say, improved mightily in this episode.

Followers of this blog know I’ve had my problems with Celaya’s performance as Zed, but this was the first time she seemed a natural fit to the story. And her banter with Matt Ryan in the hotel lobby was cute, even if it did seem a little forced. I still liked the scene.

Of course, the highlight of the episode for geekdom was Zed’s vision of the Corrigan to come.


If we want more Spectre (not to mention visits with Zatanna, Dr. Fate, Jason Blood, and the rest), we need to make sure Constantine continues to have a home on TV.

So, kids, watch it, talk about it, and let NBC hear about it.

#Hellblazers unite and #SaveConstantine


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