Wyrdtails of Winter


One of my favorite writing exercises was lifted from a Harlan Ellison remembrance of his sitting in a bookstore window and taping up typewritten pages as they were finished for the passersby to read. I have, on occasion, used that device on this blog (and its predecessors) to publish short stories, written off the cuff and without a net, straight from my head to the computer screen.

The stories have not always been successful, but I enjoy the challenge and the thrill of unfettered words let loose upon the page.

I plan to begin another such exercise in December. I have several stories bouncing around in my head at any given moment. One of those will become the first of my Wyrdtails of Winter. All I can promise is that they’ll all involve Landon Connors in some fashion and that they will most likely reflect the season.

Fall and Winter are my favorite times to write, when the world is cold and dark and there’s a bit of magic in the air.

Hopefully, some of the magic will find its way onto the page.


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