One Last Book Before Dying

skullbkLet’s play a game. You’ve been given a death sentence, handed down from on high and you’ve twenty-four hours left before shuffling off your mortal coil. You are denied everything. No final meal. No farewell to loved ones. Nothing… just the cold emptiness and dread of facing your corporeal finality alone… with one exception.

You are allowed a book to spend your last miserable, hungry, and lonesome hours with.

One book and twenty-four hours to lose yourself in it.

So, of all the books in all the world, what’s the one you want to embrace before the cold hand of death descends?

And, perhaps, more importantly… why?


6 Responses to “One Last Book Before Dying”

  1. Well that’s a rather grim game.

    If forced to choose, though, I think that–true to form–I wouldn’t choose to read a book at all. I’d write one. It’d be short, given the time limit, but I think I’d work right up until I drew my last breath trying to leave something behind that I was passionate about. I think that, if I sat down to READ a book instead, I’d feel like I’d wasted my time.

    Apart from that, if you told me, “No, Greg, you can’t write”, then I’d pick the Bible. Spend one last moment trying to determine some greater meaning in it all and look for a sense of peace and acceptance.

    • I rather like the idea of writing till the end, and as you’ve been given no pen or paper, of it being written in blood in the margins of the book you’ve been left with.

      Oh what a tale that would tell…

      As to the Holy Writ… I imagine there would be many that would cling to it, or something similar, in their final hours.

  2. The Holy Bible, still much to study and so little time……

  3. Stephen King’s The Stand, because it’s always my go-to book for anything where I’m only allowed one book. Or a weekend with nothing but free time, or just whenever… :D

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